8 Plastics per pack with multiple colors available.

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Named after the Trident ballistic missiles used in Trident submarines. This bait has a small rounded head with a long tentacle coming off the bottom, which creates great action in the water. This bait can be used for both open and hard water seasons. Typically used on a small tungsten jig, either vertically jigged or worked slowly back towards the boat.


Blue Glow, Blue-silver flake, Bubble Gum, chartreuse black flake, chartreuse blue silver black flake, Chartreuse-black flake, Cinnamon-translucent red/copper flake, cotton candy pink, custom colors, fluorescent orange, Frost-baby blue/blue/silver flake, green glow, purple, Red Glow, School Bus-dirty orange, smoke black copper flake, Watermelon-red/black/gold flake, Black, Red, White


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