8 Plastics per pack. Multiple colors available.

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Named after the AIM 9 Sidewinder missile used the US Navy and Air Force. This bait is very stream lined with quick darting motions while being jigged. The bait has two arms halfway up the shaft and two coming out the bottom that have great action and help attract the fish. This bait is very effective during both open and hard water seasons. It can be vertically jigged or slowly worked back towards the boat.


Blue Glow, Blue-silver flake, Bubble Gum, Chartreuse Green-blue/black/silver flake, Chartreuse-black flake, Cinnamon-translucent red/copper flake, Cotton Candy Pink Glow, fluorescent orange, Frost-baby blue/blue/silver flake, green glow, purple, Red Glow, School Bus-dirty orange, Smoke Black-copper flake, Watermelon-red/black/gold flake, Black, Red, White


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